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产品简介 | Product profile


       COUPLER AFBT-8000 fiber fused biconical coupler machine is a kind of coupler manufacturing equipment with high repeatability, good stability and low failure rate, which specially designed for coupler manufacturers. Since putted into the market, it received abundant popularity, it equipped with the Japanese screw module and German control system and high precision optical fiber fixture. Besides, it has the function of data storage, productivity statistics, packaging temperature monitoring and so on. Furthermore, it can control the coupler machine by embedded BOX machine, meanwhile, it allows display devices, keyboard and mouse directly connecting to mainframe machine and using, which economized more room for operation.

软件特点 | Software characteristics


       With function of Thermal and cold modification, greatly improved productivity of coupler machine


       Dual window pretension allows fixed-point mode or scanning mode


       Users could set package heating time


       Product report can be storied, generated automatically by product parameters


       Flame scanning can raise amplitude according to different tensile length


       Tensile speed can be changed according to the change of tensile length


       Hydrogen flow rate can be changed according to different tensile length


       Small-signal splitting ratio acquisition is more accurate


       Oxygen flow rate can be adjusted automatically, flame temperature can be changed according to tensile length

硬件特点 | Hardware characteristics


       Apply German motion control system and greatly improved the stability of devices


       Coupler machine can be controlled by computer or the embedded BOX machine


       Parallel fixture self-designed by COUPLER can be offered, it can clamp and close fiber effectively


       Apply high-precision Hydrogen flow meter 


       Different specifications of flame head self-designed by COUPLER can be offered to suit  various coupler-invention and manufacturing


       Keyboard, mouse and display device can be directly connected to taping mainframe machine without external computer mainframe

可生产产品 | It can produce

       1、1310nm/1550nm 单模双窗口耦合器。

       1310nm/1550nm single mode dual window coupler

       2、980nm/1550nm 单模双窗口耦合器。

       980nm/1550nm single mode dual window coupler

       3、1310nm 单模单窗口耦合器。

       1310nm single mode dual window coupler

       4、1550nm 单模单窗口耦合器。

       1550nm single mode dual window coupler

       5、1310nm/1550nm 单模波分复用器。

       1310nm/1550nm single mode wavelength-division multiplexer




拉锥设备主要技术指标及正体设备配置 | Major technical index and main configuration of the coupler machine

       (1)拉锥机拉台部分 Tensile platform of the coupler machine

       ● 拉锥平台德国进口每步拉伸精度:<330nm ;

       ● the accuracy of German-imported tensile platform: <30nm;

       ● 单边拉伸速度:0~5500μm/sec;

       ● single-side tensile speed: 0~5500um/sec;

       ● 拉锥平台拉伸间距:0~300mm;

       ● tensile spacing of taping platform: 0~300mm;

       ● 预拉长度:0~3000um;

       ● pretension length: 0~3000um;

       ● 夹具精度: <0.1um;

       ● accuracy of fiber fixture: <0.1um;

       ● 光纤拉伸台位移设置分辨率:≤0.05um;

       ● Tensile table displacement setting resolution: ≤0.05um

       (2)耦合器加热及封装系统 (德国进口滑块) Coupler heating and packing system

       ● 美国进口火头:3维可调 ;

       ● American-imported flame: 3-dimension adjustable

       ● 火头尺寸(外径):Φ16mm;

       ● Flame size (external diameter):  Φ16mm;

       ● 加热轴向摆幅:2维可调 ;

       ● heating axial swing: 2-dimension adjustable

       ● 火头移动速度:软件可调;

       ● flame movement speed: software adjust

       ● 火头扫描宽度: 0-50mm ;

       ● flame scanning width: 0-50mm

       ● 火炬及封装运动精度: 0.5um/step;

       ● flame and packing motion accuracy: 0.5um/step

       ● 封装: 两轴自动;

       ● packing: 2 axial (automatic)

       ● 封装固化温度:5 秒快速UV固化。

       ● heating and packing temperature: 5-second UV heating

       (3)光电检测系统 Photoelectric test system

       ● 光电检测器长波:光敏面为3mm InGaAs 2 支;

       ● photo detector for long wavelength: photosensitive surface Φ3mm InGaAs 2 branches

       ● 检测波长范围长波:100~1700nm;

       ● long wavelength detection: 100~1700nm;

       ● 功率稳定度: 0.005dB;

       ● power stability: 0.005db;

       (4)软件及数据采集控制系统(德国进口) Software control system and data acquisition (German-imported)

       ● 凯普乐研制拉锥机专用数据采集系统。

       ● fiber fused biconical coupler machine data acquisition system researched by COUPLER.

       (5)实时氢气流量控制系统 Hydrogen flow control system in real time

       ● 流量控制器:2 台

       ● Flow controller: 2 pieces

       ● 氢气流量范围:0-300sccm

       ● H2 flow range: 0-300sccm

       ● 氧气流量范围:0-100sccm

       ● O2 flow range: 0-100sccm

       ● 具有流量控制计算机实时监控功能

       ● flow control and monitor in real time

       ● 流量动态可调。

       ● flow-adjust dynamically

       (6)拉锥主机台控制系统 Taping mainframe control system

       ● 德国CTRINAMIC公司生产拉锥机专用控制系统。

       ● Coupler machine control system produced by German TRINAMIC company